Hyundai First Electric Car In India

Hyundai Kona 2019

The first Hyundai electric car is launch in India in SUV segment middle of 2019 is name Hyundai kona It is first in the Indian car market. But it is already available in Europe and Korea

Go on sale by mid 2019

Hyundai had before revealed that it’s first all-electric offering in India will be the Kona Electric. Scheduled to go on sale by mid-2019, the all-electric SUV has been spied in India for the first time. In the international market, the Kona EV is available in two option:- *a 39kW battery pack with about 312 km claimed range and ; *a64kW unite with a 482 km range on a single charge. But in India Hyundai is expected to bring the 39kW model, which makes the equivalent of 136hp and 395Nm of peak torque has a claimed 0-100kph time of 9.7 seconds with a top seed of 155 kmph.

A fast charging battery

The lithium-ion battery pack is provided in Kona which can be charged to 80% capacity in as little as 55 min. by the using a 100KW DC fast charger or up to 6 hours from a standard AC source. The fast charger point is also provided by the Kona electric due to this the Kona lovers are easily charged their car. complains claimed the quality of the battery is specific due to this they give 10 years warranty.

Comprasion of standard kona and kona EV

Hyundai is decided to launch Kona in India with the name of EV. In the comparison to the standard Kona, the EV gets subtitle visual differences outside. Like the absence of exhaust a closed grill and 17-inch alloy wheel, while the cabin features a digital dashboard. Hyundai claims that the battery pack has been integrated into the SUVs’ platform without compromising on interior space. although the charging cable at the rear has caused the cars original 373-liters booth space to fall to 332-litres.

In the terms of equipment the,kona comes with a head up display,a 7.0 inch infotainment touch screen display. (international market get the option of an 8.0 inch unit.) and front sheet that are heated,ventilated and come with 8 way electrical adjust ability. Models sold abroad also come with a number of safety features like adaptive cruise control. A lane centring system,rear cross traffic alert. and automatic emergency braking. Also 6 airbag are provided for safety, two airbag in front of driver and front or co-driver. 2 in car left side door’s, or two in right side door’s.-through whether all of these will come to india is yet unknown.

EV is technical car in india.

The EV is meant to be a technology statement. Hyundai’s show commitment to an EV future, which means that is not expected to sell in large number. the decided a target of about 50 to 60 unite per month . however , the korean brand is looking at locally assembling the kona EV using CKD units in order to keep costs at around the Rs. 25 lakh mark [it is ex-showroom price].

Why is the kona EV so popular ?

In a survey of kona driver’s in New York said that it is a best segment of hyundai electric car, because it is future car model. in a nutsell-surprising overall roominess and creature comforts that you normally dont’t expect to see on a vehicle of this size and price. plus it is a lot of fun to drive .
Another bonus is the commanding view of the road from above that you get when driving. The Hyundai Kona sits just high enough to offer a confideht view forward.
Additionally, compared to some other small crossover SUV’s on the market, you can see very well in all directions as there are relatively few blind spots on the kona.
If you are at all considering buying or leasing a crossover vehical in New York or massachusetts, the hyundai kona is absolutely worth taking a closer look at.

Hyundai Kona Models:-

1. SE:-

2. SEL:-

3. Limited:-

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